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Hi I’m Chandrea. First, I want to commend you for seeking therapy as something positive in your life. I understand firsthand the struggles that one can face, trying to live a quality life while struggling with internal battles that many others seem to not understand. 
These symptoms, when carried for a long time can lead to a life feeling helpless and hopeless. It then becomes even more difficult to trust someone like myself with your story in hopes that it will make a difference.I specialize in working with individuals such as teenagers and young adults who are affected by overcome anxiety, depression, PTSD, self-harming behaviors, struggling with past traumatic events, LGBTQ specific concerns or the stresses of parenting.For years, I have been working with individuals that are struggling to find purpose in their lives. I have dedicated myself to this profession because I personally know the struggles with feeling isolated, alienated and not having a voice and a way to overcome these feelings.
I am able to assist my clients successfully overcome tragedies from many aspects in regards to their personal life. During my years as a therapist, I have helped individuals effectively get back to living their best life. From family stressors to relationships with partners or at work, I guide my clients on how to regain control of their lives. Specializing in these areas has helped me successfully help individuals return to living their best lives in a fast and efficient manner. Through my experience in mental health over the years, I have successfully helped individuals discover inner peace and I look forward to connecting.

About Chandrea: About Me
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